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Too DX is a game studio based in the USA, and it is a relatively new company that was established in 2013. It has launched two very successful games so far which attract a vast number of players. Their success lies in their unique approach to the gaming industry whereby both of their games represent a challenge for gamers since they are very radical and speak to masses. The studio is run by two men Ned and Auston, who are very passionate game players themselves. Ned has been in the industry since his early career days working in many game stores. He is especially proud of beating the arcade game R-type. He has saved humanity and beaten Bydo, the sort-of-alien figure. Perhaps their success stems from the fact that they love what they do. They invest a lot of ideas, creativity, passion, and devotion in their end-products.

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The Beginnings and Now

Auston was already ambitious to make it in the gaming world when he was a teenager. He thought how he could make it happen. When he was in college, the idea of becoming a game designer was not far away anymore. He wanted to see his games conquer the gaming world. He always had the dream to open a game studio, and as much as he wanted to create games, he was not ready to deal with the business part, i.e. marketing, negotiating, etc. Luckily, Ned was an old friend of his, who had the business gene in him. The two of them started to work together, making plans, exchanging ideas and not long after, Too DX became a real thing.

Since Auston had already coined one or the other game, they decided to update and produce a polished version of Bosses Forever 2.Bro, one of Auston’s earlier works. With a lot of ideas for the future, the two of them are all set, and many gamers are waiting for the following hot idea of the gamer duo. The Too DX team slowed down on their other projects in order to commit to Bosses Forever 2.Bro until it was made compatible with Ouya. Still, a year later, in 2014, Sportsball was also released drawing attention from Steam Freaks and YouTubers. It is a multiplayer kind-of-football game accepting up to four players.

Both games have the excitement and the challenge that corresponds to every player and their launches shook up the gaming industry. We are looking forward to new brilliant projects from Too DX, and we cannot wait that they share it with the public.

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Bosses Forever 2 Bro

Bosses Forever 2 Bro is a game that features a single and two-player mode which means that you can play it with a friend or alone. The best part is that the game is free on OUYA, unlike many other games. The initial version of the game was designed for one player only, whereby the player climbs a tower encountering bosses that actually adapt to your fighting tactics making it more difficult to reach the next level. The 2nd version Bosses Forever 2 Bro, as it name says, includes a bro or another player and the two of you fight against each other but that does not mean that the bosses do not develop new tactics to fight you. The game is played until you, or your bro dies, and the goal is to climb the tower as high as possible. There is not much philosophy to it given that you can easily pick up on the game rules and learn the commands as soon as you “kill” your first boss. Your score and strength also depend on the damage and healing statistics and you need to know that with each level the damage is not restored and you take it to the next fight. Therefore, healing yourself will be crucial if you want to stay strong for the battle to come. You have the option to gain points in each of them, but that depends on how you play and what works for you. Do not forget that with each new level, the game gets more difficult where the bosses get harder to beat.

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The Sportsball game is a multiplayer game whereby the player has to outmaneuver the other players by getting the ball they dropped into the goal. The game is simple and easily understandable with no complicated procedures, and that is why it is suited for both, younger generations and older ones. It triggers your competitive spirit and makes you want to win. It's not like the most online casino games that you are used to see when searching for the top rated online casinos, it's a lot different.

The Visual Features and Sound

The game designers from Too DX paid great attention to detail when designing the game. The 2D graphics is clear and clean, entertaining many players with the neon bird colors that catch the eye of the player. Also, the settings come with a more extensive backstory if compared to other fantasy and RPG games. The backstory has been worked out to every single detail, which is often neglected by players who do not pay too much attention to that. Still, it consists of numerous layers that guide you through the story of the game.

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  • Interview with Ned Green
  • SportsballNed Green is one of the founders of Too DX, a game studio from the USA that was established in 2013. Two great successes lie behind the Too DX duo, and Ned explained how they got where they are now in an interview with GameCritics. Ned is in love with gaming and designing games, just like his business partner Autson, but Ned is also more business-minded and knows the market. The two of them are old friends who happened to share the same dream. Ned gave GameCritics an insight into the company Too DX and their success, as well as plans for the future.
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  • Interview with Auston Montville
  • Bosses Forever 2 BroThe master of simple ideas that turn into simple but exciting video game concepts comes from Too DX and is called Auston Montville. The game designer has always been a passionate gamer and aspired to become a developer from his teenage years. After two successful games that were launched in 2013 and 2014, we can say that Auston made his dream come true. After college, he decided to open his own video games studio but was not into the corporate stuff as he was in games. He met with an old friend, Ned Green, a game lover alike, but also a sharp business mind, and the two of them did not need long to make a concept. In 2013, they opened together the video game design studio Too DX.
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