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The Sportsball game is a multiplayer game whereby the player has to outmaneuver the other players by getting the ball they dropped into the goal. The game is simple and easily understandable with no complicated procedures, and that is why it is suited for both, younger generations and older ones. It triggers your competitive spirit and makes you want to win.

Sportballs game was developed and prototyped within ten hours, and the game is being developed further by adding new levels, new birds, and a single player mode. The game that combines soccer and flying birds involves jousting and explosions.

The game seems to be inspired by Joust, sharing many similar elements with it. It appears as a pepped up version of it just with giant birds and the soccer element. The goal is to fight each other on the playground where the winner is the one who scores the most goals.

There are four teams at players’ disposal, and each team consists of four players that have their individual qualities and skills. The game works on a two-button system after the players and teams have been selected. The game proceeds with entering arenas where the superfast football games with birds will take place.

At first, the simple game seems handy, and players can pick up on it very easily and learn the commands in no time. Still, the longer one plays, the clearer it becomes that a strategic approach can secure victory over the opponents. Even if it only involves a two-button effort, it can take some time until players learn to fully control their birds especially because the game evolves very fast. After one masters the hindrances and the adjustment phase, they can start enjoying the game completely. You get points only when you are able to knock the ball into the goal that is placed in the center of the screen.

So, the commands can be figured out quite easily, but controlling the bird and the speed will take more time. The bird has to be kept in the air by flapping its wings which means that the player has to press the button repeatedly and be ready to descend to catch the ball when they get the opportunity.

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Theory vs. Practice

When you look at Sportsball, it seems, besides fun and exciting, also very easy to handle, but once you hold the joystick in your hand and play for real, you will notice that you will have to work on your skills. When you add the competitive element, whereby you have to rule out everyone else, we can say, that the game hits the nerve.

It is Also About Socializing

Even if social games are more associated with games like Monopoly and Pictionary, a video game can also be seen as a game appropriate for friend gatherings. The game is meant for four players, so you can invite your friends for a nice soccer match in the Wii version.

The game is fun when there are four players, but when there are two, it seems to promise more than it can keep. The full gaming experience is far better when it involves the maximum number of players.

The Visual Features and Sound

The game designers from Too DX paid great attention to detail when designing the game. The 2D graphics is clear and clean, entertaining many players with the neon bird colors that catch the eye of the player. Also, the settings come with a more extensive backstory if compared to other fantasy and RPG games. The backstory has been worked out to every single detail, which is often neglected by players who do not pay too much attention to that. Still, it consists of numerous layers that guide you through the story of the game.

When it comes to the music and sound, one might get back the 1980's groove when hearing the electronic but relaxing beat. The music will stick to you for several days like a nursery rhyme that you cannot get out of your system for days.


The game is definitely something for everyone but works on the principle the more, the merrier. The colorful birdie game might not meet everyone’s taste, but it has something charming that makes it special. Online playing or two-opponents-only, do not deliver the same sensation as when you have your friends over and play against them. The game has not yet got a single mode, but it will be introduced in the future.


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