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    Interview with Ned Green

    Ned Green is one of the founders of Too DX, a game studio from the USA that was established in 2013. Two great successes lie behind the Too DX duo, and Ned explained how they got where they are now in an interview with GameCritics. Ned is in love with gaming and designing games, just like his business partner Autson, but Ned is also more business-minded and knows the market. The two of them are old friends who happened to share the same dream. Ned gave GameCritics an insight into the company Too DX and their success, as well as plans for the future.

    What does the concept behind their latter game Sportsball entail is given in this brief overview of the interview.

    GameCritics also asked about the funding of the game and where the resources came from. Ned stated that they used their own resources at first and when the money was spent, they took a private loan. Publishers were out of the question, just like Kickstarter and others since they wanted the game to be independent and free from restrictions that publishers could impose on Too DX. They wanted the game to be exactly as they planned with no third party interference. This also proved that it is possible to develop something under one’s own terms without having to get financial resources from the outside.

    One of their major concerns according to Ned was also that similar games were featured on Kickstarter and it would be hard to stand out where the choices seem endless. Ned is proud to have chosen the old-fashioned way to fund the game. The do-it-yourself approach paid off for the Too DX duo.

    Ned also says that Nintendo, as their platform, was very helpful and for now, Sportsball is only empowered by Nintendo. Still, they have plans to get on board with Play Station 4 and Xbox One and others. Ned also stated that they would keep working on the game to extend its features.

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  • Interview with Game Designer Auston Montville

    Bosses Forever 2 Bro

    The master of simple ideas that turn into simple but exciting video game concepts comes from Too DX and is called Auston Montville. The game designer has always been a passionate gamer and aspired to become a developer from his teenage years. After two successful games that were launched in 2013 and 2014, we can say that Auston made his dream come true. After college, he decided to open his own video games studio but was not into the corporate stuff as he was in games. He met with an old friend, Ned Green, a game lover alike, but also a sharp business mind, and the two of them did not need long to make a concept. In 2013, they opened together the video game design studio Too DX.

    The first game released was Bosses Forever 2 Bro in the same year, and Sportsball came out in 2014. The interview is devoted to the Sportsball game that takes up to 4 players. Sportsball sprung out from a simple idea: soccer plus birds plus jousting. The game is easy to grasp based on two-button control, but yet it can account for several nerve-wracking moments. What Auston, the main game designer has to say about his accomplishment, can be found below.

    Ausotn, just like his business partner Ned Green, drew a lot of attention upon the game’s release and everyone wanted to have a chat with the gamer and game developer to grasp the idea behind the big project.

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